Know-Your-Customer (KYC) is a business practice and mandate for many companies seeking to do business from (or with) the U.S. Our platform does not require the same stringent KYC or AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) protocols as exchanges who facilitate fiat-to-crypto conversions. Nevertheless, our ecosystem stands to benefit from stronger user verification.

Because of the value created by our users, there is a monetary incentive for bad actors to attack our protocols. We’ve learned that swaths of tracking data by major global carriers are often found unsecured and vulnerable to hackers, who would then seek to use stolen tracking data to defraud our systems.

KYC protects the platform against abuse, and thereby strengthens the integrity of the ecosystem for our verified users. If you'd like to learn how to complete your KYC, visit here:

Identity verification within our app unlocks better user rewards, while also protecting the integrity of the ecosystem at large. We use a third party service provider, Stripe, to process user verification. You can read their privacy policy here, or see their identity policy here. You may also like to read about their privacy shield here.

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