Identity verification within our app unlocks better user rewards, while also protecting the integrity of the ecosystem at large. We use a third party service provider, Stripe, to process user verification. You can read their privacy policy here, or see their identity policy here. You may also like to read about their privacy shield here.

In order to become a verified user, you will need to:

  1. Add a ZIL based wallet address to your profile.

    1. This is done by tapping on your profile pic or initials at the top right corner of the mobile app. We suggest ZilPay, Moonlet, or Zillet.

  2. Once your wallet is added, you can then tap on “Verify” to begin the KYC process.

    1. This is conducted with a leading third party service provider, (Stripe) who will ask you to upload a government issued ID and complete a facial scan.

    2. This takes only a few minutes and it's quite common in the crypto space, but we know that some KYC experiences can be intimidating for first timers.

    3. Please be reassured that your details, IDs, and face scans are not shared with anyone other than Stripe - not even us.

Tips: After submission, it could take a few moments or even a few hours to process your verification. Some IDs from various regions can cause delays. Try to use an ID that has clear text and a clear photo that matches your current face. (Very old photos that don’t match the facial scan often get kicked back) If your verification process takes longer than 2 days, then reach out to us at so we can investigate.

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